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Wireless Office Document Scanners


Travel Scanner 150

Whether youre on a business trip or work in a mobile environment, you collect paper in your travels. Business cards, receipts, contracts, forms, and photos. And it all has to wait in an overcrowded bag or briefcase (sometimes even pockets, wallets and purses) until you get back to your office, where you are already burdened with a to-do list. If you get your documents organized while you are on the road, you will have less to worry about when you get back to the office.

Xerox DocuMate 3115 Mobile Document Scanner with Docking Station

Mobile and Desktop Flexibility in a
Compact Scanner
The Xerox DocuMate 3115 has all the
features you expect in a powerful desktop
scanner such as a 20-page automatic
document feeder (ADF), 30 images per
minute duplex scanning speed, At the push
of a button, the DocuMate 3115 ejects from
its docking station to become a full function
mobile scanner.

Xerox Mobile Scanner

We live in a fast paced world and want
technology that can keep up with us. We have
laptop computers so we can work anywhere.
We have smartphones so we can reach out to
friends and colleagues anytime. We dont want
to be tethered to a desk with cords or to a wall for
power. We want convenience and we want it to
work without having to think about it. Well, get
ready, because it is here.
A truly mobile device in every sense of the word,
Xerox Mobile Scanner gives you the power to
take the information in your hand, right now,
and share it with the world in seconds.