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 printing and office management equipment

Office Solutions and Printing Equipment Supplier in Richmond Hill

Imagine a world where you could visit one office equipment supplier in Richmond Hill for all your equipment and servicing needs. Now, consider the added benefit of knowledgeable staff who make recommendations based on your industry requirements.

If this sounds appealing, you should know that Direct Office Solutions can fulfill the needs of any sized business and industry.

Why Choose DOS Canada in Richmond Hill?

At DOS, we stand out from the competition because of our commitment to providing cost-effective equipment and services designed for any budget. Many companies see the benefit or necessity of leasing/renting their office equipment. We help businesses boost their productivity with our innovative office solutions while being affordable.

Our office equipment is from quality, top-notch manufacturers like Sharp, Hewlett-Packard, and Xerox. They are reputable names you can trust because they produce quality devices and have been around for decades.

While initially purchasing a new printer, scanner, copier, etc., appears straightforward, it is not. Each piece of equipment contains different features and functions. The question is, can it do the tasks required by your industry?

Does it offer security for confidential information? Can it transfer paper documents to digital for easy filing, storage, and retrieval? Will it meet your needs? This makes DOS unique; our professionals know industry trends and can create quality recommendations.

Industries we service include:

  • Finance: Strengthen data/document security with our integrated scanning, copying, and printing solutions. Confidently go paperless, knowing your documents are secure and improve your print protocols securely.
  • Government, Legal, and Non-Profit Sectors: Eliminate legacy systems by transitioning to digital methods for storing paper-based documents. Securely manage confidential information, improve efficiency, and reduce paperwork with our multifunction office printers/scanners.
  • Arts/Commercial Printing: DOS is a premier print/MFP provider. We are the go-to place for graphic designers and print shops because our equipment creates vibrant visuals and has powerhouse printing capabilities. Get ready to amaze your customers with our interactive displays.
  • Education: We foster success in the education arena with our document-handling capabilities and efficient MFPs. Securely store, process, and retrieve student documents and information effortlessly.
  • Manufacturing/Industrial: Invest in our equipment fleet and you can stay on track with your production goals. Our devices optimize document flow, strengthen documentation, reduce printing costs, enhance inventory management, and enhance collaboration.
  • Healthcare: Our fleet takes care of clinic management and records. At DOS, our equipment improves patient experience by incorporating paper-to-digital document flow, enforcing regulatory compliance, and providing secure access.

Don’t Let Out-Dated Office Equipment Hold Back Your Business

Legacy equipment can hamper your business. While many companies equate this to drops in efficiency and productivity, it is more severe than this. Older equipment isn’t as secure because it lacks the technology to enforce industry security standards. It leaves businesses in critical sectors vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches.

Furthermore, time is money. The more efficient your location is running, the more productive you are. Task lists are long, and inefficient equipment frequently breaking down is unacceptable.

Our key features and benefits are:

High-Quality Printing/Scanning

Images and documents must remain clear and easy to read. Many sectors depend on the accuracy of reading this information, especially if transitioning from paper to digital documentation. Therefore, the quality of printing and scanning needs to be concise.

Furthermore, when information and images are crisp, it conveys an atmosphere of professionalism. Additionally, it makes communication and sharing of information effortless.

Cost Effectiveness

When you choose our services, you can receive the technology and office equipment you need on your terms. This also allows companies to leverage innovative technology and reduce overall expenditures. A growing business can upgrade when its printing needs change as well.

Energy Efficient

Energy Star-certified products reduce energy costs through power management and efficient design options. Less energy is required for regular tasks. When they are not in use, they go into low-power mode.

User-Friendly Interface

New office equipment contains easy-to-use software. Instead of users getting bogged down using complex machinery, obtain office solutions designed with your employee's needs in mind.

Durable and Reliable

Our equipment is from reputable manufacturers you trust. They have been in business for decades and are known for producing quality equipment. Remove the hassle of purchasing equipment that isn’t easily serviced or the apprehension of quality type. We eliminate the concern by only recommending durable products.

Cost-Effective Office Solutions in Richmond Hill

Document Scanning

Go paperless with our paper-to-digital scanning. Our equipment lets clients easily store, file, and retrieve confidential information within seconds, making your business more efficient. It will also save you time that could be spent completing other essential tasks.

Interactive Displays

Revolutionize how your company communicates, interacts, connects, and collaborates with team members or clients. Our Interactive Displays are the best way to provide exceptional presentations, launch new brands, or exchange ideas.

Refurbished Printers and MFPs

Refurbished printers and MFPs allow you to use expertly restored equipment with significant cost savings. We provide high-performance equipment that optimizes costs and increases productivity.

Multifunction Printers

Proper document management is the backbone of every business. It affects the way you communicate and store information. Obtain the best MFPs from DOS Canada for a seamless document flow that optimizes your productivity.

Contact Us

Are you ready to retire legacy equipment? Do you need to upgrade? Call us at 647-557-1788 or email us at to discuss your available options. You can also speak with our sales team when you fill out our online form and contact us here.

Direct Office Solutions, Canada


About DOS and Our Services

Where is DOS located? Do you serve customers outside Toronto?

DOS is headquartered in Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area. Our convenient location allows us to serve customers across the GTA, respond to service requests within 3 hours, and deliver orders quickly to ensure maximum printer uptime and workplace productivity.

How long has DOS been in business?

DOS has been serving clients in the GTA and across Canada since 2001. That’s over two decades of complete office solutions delivered with excellent customer service. You can trust our highly trained and dedicated sales and support professionals to determine your equipment needs, build your print fleet, and service your multifunction office printers, copiers, and scanners.

How long does it take for DOS to troubleshoot my printer?

The DOS service standard is a three-hour response time for on-site calls. DOS has also solved many issues remotely within 30 minutes of receiving the call. We aim to respond to emergency service requests and restore your print fleet as quickly as possible to maintain productivity. Our Managed Print Services also allow us to monitor your system remotely and receive automated alerts for issues and scheduled servicing to ensure a fast, proactive response.

How will I be billed for services?

For Managed Print Services, you will be billed a cost-per-print, which covers the regular monitoring, servicing, parts, and toner. For other support services, we will ask you to sign a site service request that includes pricing for all parts and labour, and provide you an invoice.

See what our clients have to say about their DOS experience. Discover the DOS difference in leading office printers and scanners, interactive displays, fully managed print fleet, and cost-effective brand-new, refurbished, and rented or leased equipment.

a week ago

Over the years our firm has worked with several Office Supply companies, and I must say that DOS has been the best one to deal with to date. Their customer service is the best I have seen to date. They are more than competitive with …

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I needed some high quality prints to showcase my growing progress and they helped me find the best looking options! Better service than any major chain I've been to

a week ago

DOS and Andrew were a pleasure to work with. Very attentive service from start to finish including after sales service. Would highly recommend DOS and Andrew.

a week ago

I have been dealing with the team from DOS for over 20 years and it has been an extreme pleasure. The service on our fleet has been excellent as well as the pricing and attention provided to us. The company is very trustworthy, responsive to our needs and can always be counted on in any type of emergency. I would highly recommend them.

a week ago

We recently leased a Xerox AltaLink colour MFP and was shocked that the quote I received from DOS was half of what I was quoted by Xerox. I was worried that it was too good to be true but went ahead with DOS. The service from DOS with respect to their flexibility with delivery and installation has been excellent. We are now also purchasing paper and toner for our other network printers from DOS since their prices are very competetive and next day delivery is important for us. Highly recommended!

a week ago

Great company to deal with both for sales and service. I was asked to lease a multi functional copier for my office and didn't know where to begin. DOS helped me choose the right machine which made me a hero in my office. My rep was very responsive and knew his stuff and the support staff is just as impressive. I also switched over to DOS for office supplies and am equall as happy. Highly recommend DOS to anyone looking for a reliable machine that appreciates good service.

Ontario’s leading supplier of office essentials

Clients We Serve

  • Corporate enterprises

  • Small businesses

  • Unions

DOS Canada is Ontario’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art office essentials, from multi-functional printing, scanning, and copying equipment, to printing supplies, interactive displays and software solutions. We are fully equipped to deliver the high-volume printing and production needs of our corporate clients, no matter their quantity and timeline. Our guarantee is crisp, vibrant print quality and a fully managed fleet for maximum productivity and customer experience impact.

At DOS Canada, we care about small businesses and their impact on our community. We empower local entrepreneurs to thrive by providing essential tools for productivity and growing their brands. Our office solutions are fully customized, with affordable refurbished purchasing options and rental and leasing programs. We offer small businesses all their office essentials, including multi-functional printers, scanners, and copiers, and supplies, tailored to their needs and budget.

DOS Canada works closely with Unions across North America. DOS provides ongoing services, supports their supply chain, and overall helps drive a union of dedicated employees that need the best equipment to get their jobs done.