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 printing and office management equipment

Printing Equipment Leasing, Purchase & Rental Service in Toronto

Build a Cost-Effective Print Fleet

Workplace productivity starts with you and the tools you count on to do your best work. Invest in industry-leading multifunction printers and build a solid document management infrastructure on your own smart, budget-savvy terms.

Save on Top Office Solutions

Rent or Lease Office Printers and Scanners

Direct Office Solutions offers high-quality office printers, copiers, and scanners for rent or lease. Get the office equipment you need at generous cost savings, tailored to your short-term and long-term needs. Whether you’re in the start-up phase and exploring equipment options, or your printing and scanning needs are temporary, we help you leverage state-of-the-art technology cost-effectively.

Lease Printers and MFPs

Multifunction Devices for Every Budget

Building your brand for success doesn’t have to cost so much. Invest smartly in the tools you need to design productive workflows and improve collaboration. Get your office printers, copiers, scanners, interactive displays, and more through our cost-effective lease agreements.

  • Needs Assessment: DOS helps determine the office equipment you need based on document flows and printing and scanning volumes.
  • Lease Options: Our sales professionals design your customized lease agreement. Choose your lease term for a suite of multifunction devices, and enroll in Managed Print Services for seamless print fleet management and regular servicing.
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Equipment purchase and rental in Toronto

Printer for Rent

Short-Term Office Solutions

Need a temporary printer for the month, or exploring your equipment options? DOS offers convenient rental options for office equipment. Rent printers, copiers, and scanners at the best rates in the market.

Whether you’re anticipating a temporary surge in document flows leading up to a major project, or you want to test before you invest, we can provide you with affordable short-term rentals. Get the multifunction printers, copiers, and scanners you need to set up your office and meet your short-term document management needs.

  • Needs Assessment: What types of office equipment do you need? Our sales professionals will help determine your printing and document handling needs to recommend the right multifunction printers.
  • Rental Term: How long do you need the equipment for? We design a customized rental plan for your needs, whether it’s a few weeks or months in the early days of business development, for short-term projects, or while you’re in between hardware upgrades.
  • Next Steps: Need more time for printing and scanning, or are you ready to invest in permanent equipment? We can help you convert your rental into a lease or purchase, or provide new printers and MFPs for rent to suit your changing needs and budget.

Request A Lease/Rental

Rent and Lease from DOS

Get Office Equipment on Your Own Terms

Streamline paper-to-digital document flows, share documents securely, convert fax to email, and more on powerhouse office equipment, without the powerhouse cost. Build your fleet of office essentials with cost-effective rental and leasing options.

The DOS guarantee is a seamless and convenient equipment leasing or rental, so you can maximize productivity at minimum cost. Trust DOS to get the equipment you need when you need it.

Office Printer Lease Benefits

Why do so many companies love printing equipment leasing? Leasing office equipment is gaining popularity for several reasons.

  • It’s Cost-Effective: Businesses of all sizes can receive innovative models without paying upfront purchase prices. Companies save on printing costs while maintaining productivity with top-notch equipment.
  • Leasing Provides Flexibility to Upgrade Equipment with a Growing Business: Companies can lease new printers that meet the needs of a growing business. It allows offices to reduce printing costs as they expand.
  • Provides Access to Features and Capabilities While Managing Cash Flow: Companies can obtain the latest technology without a high upfront expense. Leasing allows you to upgrade more frequently with the newest technology and can provide a tax benefit.

DOS Makes Office Printer Leasing Easy

At Direct Office Solutions, you can obtain the office equipment you need at a generous cost savings. We provide high-quality copiers, scanners, and multifunction printers to lease or rent to meet your short and long-term objectives.

Our products meet the needs of any sized company, ranging from the start-up business, offices that require temporary rentals, or those wanting to leverage innovative technology while managing costs.

Advantages of Choosing DOS for Printer Rentals

Establishing a successful company doesn’t mean spending money when you don’t need to. Furthermore, maintaining a well-established business doesn’t mean you can’t make your money work for you. Frequently, the most successful people leverage what they have/want and use it to their advantage.

When you lease or rent equipment from DOS, you invest in top manufacturers' products. You can access innovative office equipment with the latest technology suited to your industry at a lower cost. It frees up money for other things.

Ease of Leasing Printers from DOS

Renting or leasing office equipment doesn’t have to be lengthy, tedious, or complicated. Our process is straightforward.

  1. Needs Assessment: We will assist you in determining what you need based on printing/scanning columns and document flow.
  2. Budget: Feel free to discuss your budget and expenditure concerns. We have options suited for any price point.
  3. Lease Options: Our experts will tailor a customized lease agreement. You can select the term for MFPs rentals/leasing. Choose to enroll in our Managed Print Services to manage your fleet for you and regular servicing seamlessly.
  4. Upgrades or Renewals: If your lease ends soon, you can upgrade to a new MFP using the same rate before your term ends. It allows you to remain current on industry standards.

Our Industry Experience

Our professionals have experience dealing with a multitude of industries. We recognize that each sector has different requirements and that not all equipment is alike. Therefore, we tailor our recommendations based on you.

We service the following industries:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Government, Legal, and Non-Profit
  • Healthcare
  • Arts/Commercial Printing
  • Industrial and Manufacturing

Our experts will provide excellent recommendations for retiring legacy equipment and upgrading to printers/MFPs designed for your industry’s needs.

Contact Us

Direct Office Solutions, Canada


About DOS and Our Services

Where is DOS located? Do you serve customers outside Toronto?

DOS is headquartered in Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area. Our convenient location allows us to serve customers across the GTA, respond to service requests within 3 hours, and deliver orders quickly to ensure maximum printer uptime and workplace productivity.

How long has DOS been in business?

DOS has been serving clients in the GTA and across Canada since 2001. That’s over two decades of complete office solutions delivered with excellent customer service. You can trust our highly trained and dedicated sales and support professionals to determine your equipment needs, build your print fleet, and service your multifunction office printers, copiers, and scanners.

How long does it take for DOS to troubleshoot my printer?

The DOS service standard is a three-hour response time for on-site calls. DOS has also solved many issues remotely within 30 minutes of receiving the call. We aim to respond to emergency service requests and restore your print fleet as quickly as possible to maintain productivity. Our Managed Print Services also allow us to monitor your system remotely and receive automated alerts for issues and scheduled servicing to ensure a fast, proactive response.

How will I be billed for services?

For Managed Print Services, you will be billed a cost-per-print, which covers the regular monitoring, servicing, parts, and toner. For other support services, we will ask you to sign a site service request that includes pricing for all parts and labour, and provide you an invoice.

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See what our clients have to say about their DOS experience. Discover the DOS difference in leading office printers and scanners, interactive displays, fully managed print fleet, and cost-effective brand-new, refurbished, and rented or leased equipment.

a week ago
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Over the years our firm has worked with several Office Supply companies, and I must say that DOS has been the best one to deal with to date. Their customer service is the best I have seen to date. They are more than competitive with …

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I needed some high quality prints to showcase my growing progress and they helped me find the best looking options! Better service than any major chain I've been to

a week ago

DOS and Andrew were a pleasure to work with. Very attentive service from start to finish including after sales service. Would highly recommend DOS and Andrew.

a week ago

I have been dealing with the team from DOS for over 20 years and it has been an extreme pleasure. The service on our fleet has been excellent as well as the pricing and attention provided to us. The company is very trustworthy, responsive to our needs and can always be counted on in any type of emergency. I would highly recommend them.

a week ago

We recently leased a Xerox AltaLink colour MFP and was shocked that the quote I received from DOS was half of what I was quoted by Xerox. I was worried that it was too good to be true but went ahead with DOS. The service from DOS with respect to their flexibility with delivery and installation has been excellent. We are now also purchasing paper and toner for our other network printers from DOS since their prices are very competetive and next day delivery is important for us. Highly recommended!

a week ago

Great company to deal with both for sales and service. I was asked to lease a multi functional copier for my office and didn't know where to begin. DOS helped me choose the right machine which made me a hero in my office. My rep was very responsive and knew his stuff and the support staff is just as impressive. I also switched over to DOS for office supplies and am equall as happy. Highly recommend DOS to anyone looking for a reliable machine that appreciates good service.

Ontario’s leading supplier of office essentials

Clients We Serve

  • Corporate enterprises

  • Small businesses

  • Unions

DOS Canada is Ontario’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art office essentials, from multi-functional printing, scanning, and copying equipment, to printing supplies, interactive displays and software solutions. We are fully equipped to deliver the high-volume printing and production needs of our corporate clients, no matter their quantity and timeline. Our guarantee is crisp, vibrant print quality and a fully managed fleet for maximum productivity and customer experience impact.

At DOS Canada, we care about small businesses and their impact on our community. We empower local entrepreneurs to thrive by providing essential tools for productivity and growing their brands. Our office solutions are fully customized, with affordable refurbished purchasing options and rental and leasing programs. We offer small businesses all their office essentials, including multi-functional printers, scanners, and copiers, and supplies, tailored to their needs and budget.

DOS Canada works closely with Unions across North America. DOS provides ongoing services, supports their supply chain, and overall helps drive a union of dedicated employees that need the best equipment to get their jobs done.