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Managed Print Services and Solutions In Toronto & Ontario

To ensure your printer is operating at peak performance, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on your system. But at DOS, we understand maintaining an electrical device can be a lot of work. That’s why we offer managed print services and solutions in Toronto that will take care of the details for you.

From technical service checks to ink supply monitoring, DOS Toronto can keep an eye on your printer’s functionality to ensure you’re getting the most out of your product. This automated process allows us to respond quickly and effectively, ensuring maximum uptime for your printers and MFPs.

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Managed Print Services

Advanced Managed Print Services and Solutions for All Your Needs

Our team will do the following:

  • Install monitoring software that allows DOS to oversee performance levels
  • Automatically deliver toner and ink when levels are low
  • Dispatch a certified technician on-site within a 3-hour window when a printer is showing a malfunction issue
  • Analytic reports to help you understand what is being printed on which devices
  • Exercise a proactive approach that addresses issues before they become a costly expense

If you’re still wondering whether your business should invest in printer management service, here are some of the benefits of such a program:

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Reduced Waste

Controlled Budget

Single Point of Contact

Reduced Energy Consumption

DOS Canada: Our History of Print-Management Services

Direct Office Solutions provides complete solutions to meet your office equipment needs and industry requirements. Our vision is to assist businesses in remaining productive using innovative, trust-worthy products from top manufacturers like HP, Sharp, and Xerox, serviced and delivered by us.

Our high-performance equipment delivers stunning results, whether it is crisp printing, document-to-print storage capabilities, superior interactive displays, encrypted software, or generating a seamless customer experience. We provide:

  • Cost-effective office equipment like purchasing, renting, and leasing options
  • Fully-managed services to troubleshoot MFP concerns, upgrades and installations
  • Electronic order systems for ink supply monitoring and replacement at low costs
  • Three-hour response times with warrantied work (includes refurbished printers)
  • Convenient locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area

Since every industry has different requirements, our professionals will tailor their recommendations based on your industry needs. We serve clients in the legal, government, education, non-profit, financial sectors and more.

Managed Print Services And Solutions

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Workers can concentrate on tasks and special projects, instead of managing printers. Not only would they waste their time monitoring supplies -- but they would also have to deal with malfunctioning components and repairs. A managed print service is worth it, considering your employees will earn back your investment through increased profits.

Advanced Managed Print Services

Reduced Waste

Many businesses like to stock up on supplies so they don’t have to deal with orders. But ink cartridges and toners can expire and dry out, ultimately ending up in the trash. With our printer management solutions, supplies are delivered as needed thus eliminating the potential for waste. Furthermore, toner cartridges are also often replaced with up to 25% toner remaining in the cartridge. This significantly increases your printing cost, waste, and carbon footprint.

Controlled Budget

By determining your average print volumes and setting a flat rate cost per print, you are able to set your printing and supply costs up front. This eliminates costly surprises, allowing you to budget your expenses accordingly.

Single Point of Contact

Let DOS be your single source provider for all your printing needs and solutions in Toronto. From repair issues to supply management, our team can take care of all the details. This way, you don’t have to spend time hunting down various contacts.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Save on energy costs by consolidating all printers into one well-managed network. Our software application will ensure you’re running only the devices that are necessary at any given time. This reduces your business’ overall energy consumption and lowers its environmental footprint.

Our managed print solution is one of DOS’ most popular service items. Ask our clients what they like best about working with us, and they’ll likely give you a number of reasons. From outstanding customer service to timely ticket responses, we put our customers first. Ultimately, your equipment’s performance will always remain one of our top priorities.

Direct Office Solutions, Canada

Managed Print Services FAQ

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services are an outsourced, proactive office solution for optimizing your print fleet. These include recommending the right multifunction printers for your productivity targets, installing and servicing devices, monitoring and restocking supplies, and tracking device use to optimize performance. Rather than maintaining equipment individually, you pay a monthly flat rate for regularly servicing the entire fleet to maximize productivity.

What are the benefits of Managed Print Services?

  • Maximize multifunction printer uptime, productivity, and equipment use
  • Emergency repairs and servicing
  • Improve print controls to reduce waste and your carbon footprint
  • Consolidate printing infrastructure
  • Cost savings and budget planning on flat-rate print fleet servicing and upgrades
  • Automated alerts for proactively addressing performance issues and restocking ink and toner
  • Improve information security
  • Reduce in-house costs and focus on key tasks.

How much will I pay for Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Solutions are a cost-effective investment in your multifunction printers. MPS is charged through a flat-rate cost-per-page, which is determined by your devices and usage. This regular flat rate expense is predictable and easy to budget for, allowing you to optimize your print fleet and prevent costly emergency repairs and equipment purchases.

How do Managed Print Services work?

  • Needs Assessment: Get expert recommendations on the printers, copiers, and scanners you need, repairs and software upgrades, and a customized MPS plan. 
  • Monitoring: Installation of monitoring software that generates automated alerts for performance and inventory issues.
  • Emergency Service: 3-hour response time by certified printer technicians for troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Analytics: Track print fleet performance to forecast output volumes and device performance.

What size of business is required for Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Solutions are suitable for any size of business, whether a major corporation or a small business. Your MPS plan is customized to the size and volume of your print fleet and budget, ensuring your productivity goals are met.

How much work does a Managed Print Services plan complete in a month?

While many business owners may be wary of investing in a regular expense, a customized MPS plan accomplishes a lot every month. This ongoing service maintains your entire print infrastructure — from emergency troubleshooting and servicing to routine software upgrades, and ink supply monitoring and restocking. MPS takes care of these, so you don’t have to.

Are managed print solutions compatible with the printers we already have?

Yes, a variety of printers and multifunction devices from different manufacturers are compatible with managed print solutions. The provider will evaluate your current infrastructure and suggest the best course of action for managing and optimizing your print environment.

How does managed print solutions handle security concerns?

Managed print solutions employ various security measures to address potential vulnerabilities. These may include secure print release methods, user authentication, data encryption, print auditing, and secure network connections. Print policies can be implemented to ensure sensitive documents are printed securely, and regular security updates are applied to print devices.

Will implementing managed print solutions disrupt our current print workflows?

Managed print solutions are designed to minimize disruptions to your existing print workflows. Providers work closely with organizations to understand their requirements and tailor the solution accordingly. Transition plans are developed to ensure a smooth implementation, and any necessary changes are communicated and coordinated to minimize impact on day-to-day operations.

Can managed print solutions integrate with our existing IT infrastructure?

Yes, managed print solutions can integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Providers work with your IT team.

Are managed print services worth it?

Companies that invest in managed print services which oversee, optimize, and automate a print environment save 20-30% on overall print costs. The savings and time regained by outsourcing printing needs are worth the investment.

What is a print driver for managed services?

Print drivers generate seamless interfaces between operating systems and your printer. It helps different print models and ages work under a standardized solution.

Why insurance needs print-managed services?

Managed print services assist insurance companies in improving efficiency and reducing printing costs. Requirements in this industry are complex, requiring IT/operations departments to provide simple print environments for agents in a secure environment.

This industry continually seeks to improve document processing times to boost customer service. Downtime generates client support issues. Therefore, their print-managed services must be proactive in their approach.

Our services continually monitor your equipment to reduce downtime. We can troubleshoot challenges in your equipment and provide a three-hour response time. Furthermore, we believe in assisting our customers in fixing minor issues before they become major repairs. This increases the equipment’s lifespan and helps in productivity.

Why law firms need print-managed services?

Managed print services make tracking digital documents easy. The legal arena is extremely document-heavy and requires a great deal of printing. This can generate complicated, cluttered workspaces or offices. Managed print services increase energy, time and free up resources.

Managed print services reduce downtime and assist in customizing the print process to reflect the firm’s requirements. They provide what you need when it’s required. Whether you need to keep your clients organized or reconfigure a process, managed print services ensure that all needs are met.

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See what our clients have to say about their DOS experience. Discover the DOS difference in leading office printers and scanners, interactive displays, fully managed print fleet, and cost-effective brand-new, refurbished, and rented or leased equipment.

a week ago
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Over the years our firm has worked with several Office Supply companies, and I must say that DOS has been the best one to deal with to date. Their customer service is the best I have seen to date. They are more than competitive with …

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I've been working with DOS for 12 years and what began as leasing a copier turning into a full service provider for all my office supplies. Their attention to detail has led me to saving time and money. A refreshing feeling to work with an honest and fair sales team.

a week ago

I needed some high quality prints to showcase my growing progress and they helped me find the best looking options! Better service than any major chain I've been to

a week ago

DOS and Andrew were a pleasure to work with. Very attentive service from start to finish including after sales service. Would highly recommend DOS and Andrew.

a week ago

I have been dealing with the team from DOS for over 20 years and it has been an extreme pleasure. The service on our fleet has been excellent as well as the pricing and attention provided to us. The company is very trustworthy, responsive to our needs and can always be counted on in any type of emergency. I would highly recommend them.

a week ago

We recently leased a Xerox AltaLink colour MFP and was shocked that the quote I received from DOS was half of what I was quoted by Xerox. I was worried that it was too good to be true but went ahead with DOS. The service from DOS with respect to their flexibility with delivery and installation has been excellent. We are now also purchasing paper and toner for our other network printers from DOS since their prices are very competetive and next day delivery is important for us. Highly recommended!

a week ago

Great company to deal with both for sales and service. I was asked to lease a multi functional copier for my office and didn't know where to begin. DOS helped me choose the right machine which made me a hero in my office. My rep was very responsive and knew his stuff and the support staff is just as impressive. I also switched over to DOS for office supplies and am equall as happy. Highly recommend DOS to anyone looking for a reliable machine that appreciates good service.

Ontario’s leading supplier of office essentials

Clients We Serve

  • Corporate enterprises

  • Small businesses

  • Unions

DOS Canada is Ontario’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art office essentials, from multi-functional printing, scanning, and copying equipment, to printing supplies, interactive displays and software solutions. We are fully equipped to deliver the high-volume printing and production needs of our corporate clients, no matter their quantity and timeline. Our guarantee is crisp, vibrant print quality and a fully managed fleet for maximum productivity and customer experience impact.

At DOS Canada, we care about small businesses and their impact on our community. We empower local entrepreneurs to thrive by providing essential tools for productivity and growing their brands. Our office solutions are fully customized, with affordable refurbished purchasing options and rental and leasing programs. We offer small businesses all their office essentials, including multi-functional printers, scanners, and copiers, and supplies, tailored to their needs and budget.

DOS Canada works closely with Unions across North America. DOS provides ongoing services, supports their supply chain, and overall helps drive a union of dedicated employees that need the best equipment to get their jobs done.