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5 Tips For Copier Maintenance

  • Andrew Miocevich
  • May 06, 2019
5 Tips For Copier Maintenance

For most businesses, buying copy machines, printers, and other related office appliances is a serious investment that needs to be carefully considered. With budgets getting tighter, and companies becoming more competitive in order to attract new customer and retain existing ones, organizations need the proper resources in order to succeed.

In other words, something as seemingly mundane as a copier being operational can become a serious issue if it suddenly ceases to work during a work-day. Your office productivity will suffer and employee morale may also be impacted adversely if office equipment does not work as intended. Your copy machines should remain in optimal operational condition, and the way to ensure that your copiers enjoy a prolonged life is to adhere to the copier maintenance tips below.

Positioning is Paramount

Your copier should be kept in an area where it will not be susceptible to marked temperature fluctuations. It should also be positioned out of from high traffic areas because these areas tend to accumulate large amounts of dirt and dust particles.

The performance of your copy machine may be impacted adversely due to copious amounts of dust. Direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided if possible, and we would suggest that you keep your copier a safe distance away from your air conditioning unit and your heaters as well just to be safe.

Train Your Staff Properly

It is also very important that you teach your employees how to properly maintain and take care of your copiers. In fact, we would recommend that you perform annual training sessions in order to train new employees on how to properly use and maintain each copier that is currently being used by your organization, as well as provide a refresher course for seasoned staff.It is important to put in the effort to use your copy machines properly as doing so will ensure that they function as intended for a long time. This will also reduce your business expenditures in the long run.

Unfortunately, many organizations fail to properly train their employees on how to properly operate office equipment, including copiers and printers, as they feel that such training is a waste of time and money. However, in reality, putting in the extra effort to properly educate staff on proper office appliance use will save you more money down the line by reducing your office repair and maintenance costs.

Perform Routine Maintenance

If possible, try and obtain the services of a reputable copier support company to ensure that your copy machines remain in optimal operational condition. To do so, simply get in contact with a local copy support team that has received good reviews by other companies in the region, and plan a routine maintenance schedule with them.

By doing so, all of your office appliances will continue to work as designed, which will not only lower your overall repair and maintenance costs down the line but will also boost worker productivity, as your employees will be given the proper tools they need to succeed at their daily office tasks.

Replace Toner and Ink Cartridges

It is important to perform a routine inspection of all of the copy machines in your office to ensure that their toner and ink levels are not empty. In the event that your copiers are lacking the proper amount of toner and ink then they should be replaced as soon as possible. One warning sign to look for is a flashing indicator on your copy machines, which will warn you when your copy machine’s toner and ink levels have reached very low levels.

Having several extra toner and ink cartridges on reserve can make replacing them easy, as you don't want to waste time travelling to an office supply store or placing an online order for replacements when your copy machines run out of toner and ink. That said, waiting until your ink and toner cartridges are completely empty before replacing them will save you some extra money in the long-term.

Clean Your Copiers Frequently

In order to ensure that your copy machines work efficiently, you should try and clean them as often as possible. By doing so, you will significantly reduce the daily wear and tear that copy machines undergo when they make several hundred copies per day. The machine should also be cleaned thoroughly, with an added emphasis being placed on any dust particles that have accumulated on the glass surface.

Also, do not forget to clean the ink cartridge bays and the other internal components of your copy machine, such as the paper trays. To do so, simply use a fine-haired paintbrush to remove any dust particles from the internal workings of your copy machine.

To learn more about proper copier maintenance, call DOS Canada at 1-647-547-9867 or contact us here.

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