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Expert Copier Tips

  • Apr 08, 2019
Expert Copier Tips

Your office photocopier is often critical to productivity within your team. When the copier loses functionality, your team has to use other means to produce paper documents, which can take time away from other critical tasks. It’s important that you’re proactive when it comes to maintaining your photocopier. Our trusted team at DOS Canada has expertise in the copier maintenance process and within this latest post, we’re offering our expert copier maintenance tips.

  1. Move copier out of high-traffic areas

    You should ensure that your copier is not placed in high-traffic areas within the office space. When the machine is placed in a high-traffic area, it might be subject to dust and other contaminants, which can affect copier performance, and over time, cause significant maintenance issues. Moving the copier to a quieter area of the building is the best way to ensure the system performs effectively over the years to come.

  2. Train staff properly

    How your team interacts with the copier plays a crucial role in the copier’s performance over time. You might find that your staff inserts the ink or the paper in the wrong way, causing system malfunctions which eventually damage the unit. Train your staff carefully to work with the copier and ensure you’re following the manufacturer’s usage instructions to the letter when you add the copier to your office.

  3. Clean the copier frequently

    One reason many business owners find that their copier loses functionality quickly is that the system requires regular cleaning and if this cleaning isn’t completed, function begins to suffer. You need to take care to remove any dust and contaminants from the system often. You should also check the components regularly for signs of dysfunction. This can help you capitalize on the system over years of use.

  4. Change ink and toner on schedule

    The ink within the copier should be changed as soon as it runs out. If you begin to notice that the ink is becoming less easy to read, or there are smudges on the page, the issue could be related to the quality of the ink or the level of ink left in the system. Make sure you note all low-level warning signs within the system and refer to the manufacturer’s guide any time there’s a warning light without a clearly connected issue.

  5. Follow the maintenance schedule

    The manufacturer crafts each maintenance schedule in-line with the requirements for the machine, and so you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the maintenance requirements for the copier and follow these with precision. Working with a trusted machine specialist can help to streamline your copier maintenance processes.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Copier for Your Business

Now that you are a little more about maintaining your copiers, it’s important to ensure you have the best copiers working within your business. Below are several tips for buying quality copiers:

  1. Take image quality into consideration

    Most copiers can now present images in high resolution ready for presentations and other important applications. But there are many copiers in the industry that may not provide you with the best quality copies. Take into consideration the level of quality provided by the copier, and speak to your supplier directly about ensuring the copier used in your office offers the best quality prints.

  2. Review speed

    The speed of copying is another critical consideration when investing in a photocopier. Can the copier keep up with the demand in your office building? You don't want your team to be waiting around for the copies to be created. The copying should be completed in seconds, ready for use in your office. Ask the supplier about printing speeds and which systems assure the ideal value in terms of team productivity.

  3. Consider maintenance

    What level of maintenance will the copier require over the coming years? Will you have to continually take the system in for repairs or can it perform effectively for many years without any downtime? You should research the industry and speak with professionals about the latest systems and their performance. Remember that maintenance can impact your team’s schedule significantly and so low maintenance systems may bring the best value to your organization over the years ahead.

  4. Discuss cost

    The total cost for the copier is another key consideration when evaluating new machines. Consumables such as toner and ink should be added into the calculations and you should come up with a final total both for the purchase price and the ongoing cost for the unit. While cost should not be the sole consideration, it might be one of the priorities, particularly for organizations looking to expand their business in other areas in 2019 and beyond.

Do you need an MFP?

For some companies, a multi-function printer might be the best option compared with buying a new printer or a new copier. Many of the latest MFPs offer both copier functionality and printer functionality and can help to support your team in meeting each of their working responsibilities. MFPs are networked systems and so you might consider how the potential addition of a new networked unit might impact your current network and your users.

For more tips to make the most of your photocopier, call DOS Canada at 1-877-467-4277 or contact us here.
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