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Best Toners for Laser Printers

  • Sep 11, 2019
Best Toners for Laser Printers

If you own a multifunctional laser printer in Toronto, then you are probably already aware of the myriad of benefits that it provides for your business and your employees. However, not all toners are created equal, as some may be better suited for certain tasks. Our goal is to inform you of the best toners for laser printers on the market today so that you can pick one that will work best for your printer.

HP 05A

Trouble-free printing is assured with the HP 05A toner cartridge, regardless of the number of pages that you wish to print. As such, it can work very well for big print runs and other such high volume printing jobs without hindering the quality of the documents or images. Each cartridge will provide roughly 2,300 pages of content in black, and it also yields consistent results without exception.

If consistency is what you are looking for in a toner cartridge and if you happen to own an HP laserjet printer that belongs to the P-series of HP laserjet printers, then the HP 05A comes highly recommended.

HP 124A

The HP 124A is compatible with the HP Color Laserjet 2600n, as well as the 2605dtn and 2605dn. Secure ordering is guaranteed thanks to HP SureSupply and HP Smart Technology, and the toner cartridge boasts very impressive speeds without compromising the quality of the prints. The standard capacity for the HP 124A is roughly 2,000 pages (in cyan.) Thanks to state-of-the-art HP ColorSphere technology, you can enjoy brilliant colour that can only be described as “high-impact.”

In sum, you and your workers will enjoy near photorealistic imagery and a beautiful array of colour schemes for any subtle transition that you need for various tasks or projects. The toner can be fine-tuned with your printing apparatus to yield photo-quality enterprise printing that is brilliant, and is also reliable and optimized for business printing. Besides, you can be more productive and save time while you’re at it by using HP SureSupply to order the toner online.

Samsung ML-D4550B

This toner is a superb option for offices that print in very high volumes for big business projects, such as a new product unveiling. That is, the Samsung ML-D4550B boasts a 20,000-page yield that is hard to match. You can rest assured that the Samsung ML-D4550B will not compromise quality, meaning you will not have to worry about any defects, and you will also obtain premium quality pages at an economical price.

You and your staff can enjoy consistent, reliable printing thanks to the original supplies. Each pack comes with an authenticity security label that changes colour to ensure that what you own is 100% original. Easy to change and from a globally known brand, the Samsung ML-D4550B is an impressive toner cartridge that is ideal for big businesses or businesses that print daily and frequently.

Samsung CLT-M508L

This toner prints in magenta and is designed for the Samsung CLP-620ND, albeit it is also compatible with other models in the CLP and CLX line. It also guarantees reliable performance and is of genuine quality. In fact, with this toner cartridge, you can enjoy pristine performance that is unrivalled as well as image quality that is maximized every time. With Samsung, you can rest assured that they are hard at work, improving their products to maximize customer satisfaction.

Thanks to their continued dedication to innovation and ingenuity, you can be confident in the fact that they will continue to provide amazing performance and quality with all of their products. Finally, in terms of page capacity, it provides roughly 4,000 pages per cartridge. It is less expensive than the ML-D4550B, so it may be a better option if you print an above-average amount of pages every month.

Lexmark Original

The Lexmark Original prints in immaculate black and boasts 25,000 high-quality prints per cartridge. It is also part of Lexmark’s return program and works with every printer and offshoot in the T6 line of Lexmark printers, so it is a very versatile toner. Additionally, being part of Lexmark’s return program, it has been refurbished.

If you are on a tight budget, then you can save a large amount of money, as it is cheaper than buying a regular cartridge from a retail outlet. However, to be eligible, you will need a used cartridge, and you must resend it to Lexmark so that they can properly recycle or remanufacture it. Hence, you can help save money, but also help make the world a cleaner place by promoting environmental sustainability.

Lexmark Unison

The Lexmark Unison has a standard yield that is close to the Lexmark Original, as it can produce 22,000 pages—in cyan—per cartridge. Thanks to its cutting-edge laser print technology, you can enjoy unrivalled representation and archives. You can obtain better value if your business prints on a frequent basis.

It boasts a shake-free, revolutionary printing system, and long-life system reliability and superb stability are also ensured with every print. Additionally, it is part of Lexmark’s return program, which means members of the program can enjoy the product at a discounted price.

DOS Canada

If you would like to obtain the absolute best toner for your multifunction laser printer in Toronto, then please contact us here or call us at 1-647-547-9867 for a free, no-obligation quote and consultation. At DOS Canada, we provide office supplies, various print-related products and managed print services, as well as customized software solutions for our diverse clientele.

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