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Common Printer Issues and How to Fix Them

  • Andrew Miocevich
  • Jan 13, 2020
Common Printer Issues and How to Fix Them

If you own an office printer — or multiple office printers for that matter — then you will eventually come across a printer problem issue that needs to be fixed. Given the fact that printers are very sophisticated devices, with many different features and components, they will eventually crash or break down at some point.

Many common printer issues can be fixed quite easily and with a little knowhow. Here, we will focus on common printer problem issues and how you can fix them with minimal effort.

Identifying the Issue

First and foremost you should be aware that each printer is different, in terms of its brand as well as its model. As such, while many printers may suffer from the same issue, the solution to that issue may differ depending on the specific brand and model of your printer. For instance, paper jams are commonplace in most offices, but dealing with the issue may differ from model to model.

Low Toner Error Message

If you have detected a low toner error message on your computer, even though you recently replaced the toner for your printer, then you should be made aware that such messages tend to be commonplace, but erroneous.

In some cases, the toner replacement cartridge may either be broken or damaged. Try and replace your old toner with a fresh cartridge to see if the message still appears. If it does, then the issue lies in the printer itself, and can usually be solved by simply resetting your printer.

If you are not sure as to how to hard reset your printer, then you can go over the reset instructions that came with your printer. However, if you have lost the instructions, then you can do a quick internet search by searching for your specific printer model online to obtain a digital copy.

Do I need to buy toner for a brand new printer?

In most cases, when you buy a new printer online or at retail, it will already come with either a drum unit or toner. As such, you will likely not need to buy toner or a drum unit for your new printer for a while. However, most of these cartridges are not completely filled when they are sold to consumers, and they will eventually need to be replaced when they are empty.

In addition, the drum and toner are considered two individual paths that will require some assembly on your part after you have bought your new printer. However, putting them together is very easy to do and will only take a few minutes. Once you have removed the toner’s cover, you will only need to slide it into the drum apparatus and then place the entire bundle into the device.

How to Deal With Slow Printing

A myriad of issues can cause a printer to be slow. In fact, your printer model itself may be the culprit, as certain models are designed to print high-quality prints, sacrificing speed in the process. Conversely, some printers are designed to print very quickly, but the quality of the prints suffers as a result.

If speed is your top priority, then you may want to consider changing the print quality settings on your printer. For example, if you need to print conventional everyday documents, then we would recommend that you set the print quality to the Fast Draft setting.

To do so, you will need to explore the print properties section of your printer and then adjust the print job quality accordingly. If you are having trouble with modifying the printer settings on your printer then you can obtain a digital copy of the instructions for your printer by searching online for your specific printer model.

How to Deal With Paper Jams

If your printer is currently dealing with a paper jam, then you will not be able to print any additional documents unless you solve the issue. A plethora of reasons can also cause paper jams.

For example, your paper jam may be caused by an object that has blocked the paper path of your printer, or the jam may be caused by damaged paper rollers or failing to load the paper properly. In some cases, paper jams can be caused by the paper, as the paper that you have loaded into the unit may be damp, dirty, or torn; or you may have accidentally loaded your paper tray with more than 1 type of paper. You should never add paper to your printer as it is printing documents, as this can lead to a serious paper jam.

In any event, if you are presently dealing with a paper jam, then the first thing you should do is go over the troubleshooting guide that has been provided with your specific printer model. In most cases, you will need to open your printer to extract its drum and toner.

Then, slowly remove the paper that has become jammed into the device to rectify the problem. Interestingly, some paper jams may be caused by a single piece of tiny paper that has wedged itself into a tight crevice in the unit. If this is the case, then you will need a pair of tweezers to slowly pull it out.

Again, you mustn't tug or pull too hard, as you may end up damaging the printer. If you are still unable to alleviate the jam, then please consider contacting a printer technician, and they will be more than happy to help guide you through the process.

To learn more about fixing common printer issues, call DOS Canada at 647-547-9867 or contact us here.

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