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How an Interactive Display System Can Take Your Presentation to the Next Level

  • Nov 11, 2019
How an Interactive Display System Can Take Your Presentation to the Next Level

If your last classroom, boardroom, or conference presentation did not go as well as intended, then you are not alone. Every day, companies hold meetings with staff, present to prospects or showcase work to an audience, to inform and educate.

However, many such gatherings tend to be lacklustre and lacking in creative zest and exciting new ideas. Fortunately, such issues can be resolved by utilizing an interactive display.

An interactive display unit can help bring a presentation to life in ways that you didn’t think were possible. Using the most immersive and advanced technology in the market, an interactive display board can make your gatherings something to look forward to rather than dread. Here, we will breakdown how an interactive display system can take your presentation to the next level.

Share Information Easier

Most companies will use outdated technology, such as whiteboards, to share and display information. However, using whiteboards is considered to be very outdated and inefficient in today’s modern society. For instance, using a whiteboard often takes too long, as everything needs to be manually written down.

Moreover, once a meeting or presentation is complete, the information needs to be erased in order for the board to be used by the next person. As a result, many people end up wasting time taking down notes, which makes it hard to engage with the presenter, while some may be forced to take a screenshot of the whiteboard so that they can go over the data later.

The good news is an interactive display board allows employees to collaborate using a computer touchscreen that can be best described as “larger than life.” With a high-resolution, viewers will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds, meaning they will be able to enjoy a high-quality screen and the interactivity of a computer touchscreen in one, all-encompassing and user-friendly device.

Engage With Your Students More Effectively

The innovative technology that is part and parcel of interactive displays extends beyond the boardroom. In fact, many modern colleges and universities use interactive displays in their lecture halls to enlighten the curious minds of their students and faculty for teaching and presenting.

Even elementary schools have begun to take advantage of the exciting technology to keep their young students focused and motivated to learn and better themselves. In fact, one of the reasons why many school districts have made the switch is because whiteboards can prove to be very messy and inefficient teaching apparatuses.

Besides, interactive display boards are an energy-efficient and greener solution for classrooms, which will help keep students and teachers engaged and also maximize content retention in the process.

Say Goodbye to Paper Forever

When you make the switch to an interactive display board, you will no longer have to worry about paper documents, pens, markers, erasers, and other such common office staples. Given the fact that an interactive display board is a digital device, organizations, schools, and businesses will no longer need to be dependant on paper.

This means that you will reduce your carbon footprint and do your part to promote environmental sustainability; which will also boost your company’s reputation and help bolster client acquisition and sales. Collaborating will also be optimized by making the transition to innovative technology, and you will lower your business costs in the long-run as well, which will help maximize your return on investment.

A Display For Any Type of Presentation

Sharp has recently added 8K UHD, which allows for even the smallest details to be enlarged for better viewing, which is ideal for museums, art galleries and conferences, where visitors will want to explore your art or presentation from every angle. For instance, you can enlarge images of architectural structures, artifacts, and fine art, allowing viewers to get a better understanding of some of the intricate and nuanced techniques that were used by sculptors and artists.

In fact, a high-resolution interactive display allows your viewers to observe details that would be virtually impossible to reproduce normally. As such, you can display your presentations and collections in creative new ways to better engage with your audience.

For instance, they can compare and contrast works of art by zooming in and out or move the artwork around the digital canvas to view it from different vantage points or angles. Viewers can also have the option to change colour shades, add shadows, and other gradient effects, and possibly add some other special effects to help the artwork pop even more.

You can even save space, or add more of a digital touch to your displays by having them loop or transition into different displays. From chronological timelines to different art styles and movements, you can mix and match styles and genres, and work with different artists and periods so that your audience will want to observe your work, whether it is information or visual presentation.

How an Interactive Display Board Works

An interactive display board is very intuitive to use. The only thing you will need to focus on is engaging with your audience. An interactive display board will also help bring your ideas to life in an exciting and fresh way, using the most stunning visual fidelity on the market.

In fact, you can opt for 75+ inch displays in stunning Ultra 4K HD if you want, and every display board can recognize up to ten points of contact, which means that up to four people can write on the board at any given time if needed. Most interactive display boards boast simultaneous writing capabilities as well as HD and Ultra HD resolutions, and the pen software interface is also very user-friendly.

Any onscreen content, which may include handwritten drawings or notes that were written in real-time, can be viewed simultaneously on the board itself, as well as any connected mobile device; which may include desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Up to fifty devices can be connected at once, so you will be able to engage with large audiences, with audience members being able to engage and interact with your presentation using the device of their choice.

If you would like to learn more about how an interactive display board can bring your presentations to life, call DOS Canada at 647-547-9867 or contact us here.

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