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Does Xerox Still Make Copiers?

  • May 15, 2024
Does Xerox Still Make Copiers?

These days, Xerox is a household name, so much so that it has become synonymous with photocopying documents. People everywhere are familiar with the copying and printing machines that Xerox produces, as these devices are used in homes and office buildings all over the world.

Not only is Xerox so widely known because of the consistently high-quality copiers and printers that it produces, but its history in the document management industry also stretches back over a century.

For many decades, Xerox has played a major role in developing and producing some of the most cutting-edge and useful office devices that are integral to the operation of businesses everywhere. Of course, one of the most significant of all of these machines—and the one that the company has become most well-known for—is the copier.

The xerographic process, which the Xerox Corporation has since developed and commercialized, was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938. Initially, it was referred to as “electrophotography.”

After studying some incredibly fascinating naturally occurring scientific phenomena, Carlson came up with a six-step process for transferring an image from one surface to another.

In 1947, the Haloid Company, a manufacturer and distributor of photographic paper, obtained the commercial rights to xerography, renaming itself the Haloid Xerox Company in 1958 and introducing the world’s first commercial copier in 1959. The rest is history.

Does Xerox still produce copiers?

Xerox has always prioritized innovation, as the company values technological progress and exciting new applications. This is why consumers have seen the business’ primary products shift quite a few times over the years.

For this reason, the question that naturally comes to mind for certain consumers is: does the company still make xerographic copiers?

Fortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Xerox still designs and produces copiers, and they are still among the best in the world. Its inventory includes a wide range of copier types and sizes.

In fact, it is fair to consider Xerox the global leader in providing document technology, services, software, and supplies for use in office printing environments that span countless industries and that businesses of all sizes depend on.

Aside from its focus on the production of useful office equipment, Xerox is also a leading enterprise in the world of business process and document management. The company offers a wide range of services, ranging from HR benefits management to claims reimbursement, automated toll transactions, and client care centres.

In adopting these new and exciting avenues, Xerox has made it possible for its clients to tackle and optimize the management of their businesses from various angles, contributing significantly to their overall success.

What are Xerox’s latest machines, and what are their benefits?

While Xerox certainly produces copiers, its approach to the design and manufacturing of its latest devices has definitely seen a major shift in recent times. This has involved a move away from stand-alone devices, like machines that can solely be used for copying, printing, or faxing.

As modern workers have come to require more features from their workspaces, such single-function devices have been left in the past and replaced by much more efficient, versatile, and productive machines.

Whereas previously, simply printing copies may have been all that was required of a single machine, today, modern businesses operating in the digital age call for a lot more. Xerox has helped answer that call through continued innovation and the production of its latest multifunction printers (MFPs).

MFPs have the ability to perform all the duties that stand-alone copiers, printers, fax machines, and scanners used to do—all with just a single device. They make it easier to perform these functions with improved speed, efficiency, and connectivity.

All-in-one MFPs save a considerable amount of space and save workers a significant amount of time and effort, making day-to-day operations hassle-free for everybody.

MFPs are not only able to print, scan, and fax, but they also come equipped with a wide expanse of other capabilities and features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile and cloud readiness, and data security.

They are incredibly easy to use thanks to their touchscreen interfaces, which function similarly to tablets. Additionally, they can integrate with and utilize a large number of different customizable applications.

Xerox also puts considerable effort and attention into designing MFPs that will fit seamlessly into the workplace of any office. This is why it has such a wide range of options available and why it is easy to find one that perfectly suits the size of your company and the particular needs of your office.

How DOS Canada Can Help You Find a Xerox Copier in Toronto

If you need copiers in Toronto and you would like to make use of machines that truly do it all, that is exactly what DOS Canada can provide. Our inventory is filled with all the latest and greatest machines that Xerox has designed and manufactured, including the best MFPs.

We truly believe that an office’s tools play a major role in the success of its workers, individually and collectively, and we make it our ultimate goal to provide such solutions for the betterment of offices everywhere.

The top-quality printers and MFPs that we carry come with various features and specializations. So, no matter your business needs, we are confident that we can pair you with a device that can accommodate them. Someone from our team of printer and copier experts would be happy to help you find a device that will best serve you.

At DOS Canada, we have both new and refurbished devices in stock. We offer competitive pricing so that you can get exactly what you need for your office without breaking the bank and going over-budget.

If purchasing a device for long-term use does not align with your current requirements, we also offer flexible lease and short-term rental options to ensure your needs are met. With our help in building a fleet of office equipment that is best suited for you, it can take your productivity to the next level, bringing all kinds of other benefits along with it.

For more information about the copiers in Toronto that we have to offer, or to learn more about the differences between our purchasing, renting, and leasing options, call DOS Canada at 1-647-557-1788 or contact us here.

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