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Software Solutions for Workflow Automation

  • Mar 13, 2019
Software Solutions for Workflow Automation

The primary purpose of workflow automation software is to make that are hard-to-manage business processes more manageable. For instance, whenever an internal signal is activated or a form is filled, automated workflows will move the data around per your instructions. Moreover, the process is automated, meaning it is hands-free and will allow you or your employees to streamline tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming or highly repetitive. Here, we discuss the benefits of workflow automation software.

Expedite Progress

Software solutions for workflow automation will allow your workers to expedite their progress over a myriad of projects and tasks. Some state-of-the-art software solutions come with integrated analytics that allows them to target inefficiencies and prevent issues in the future.

Streamlined Solutions

Today's workflow automation resources are cutting-edge but also user-friendly. In other words, many provide visual schematics that allow users to create workflows from scratch without the need for complex coding knowledge. Many teachers, salespeople, industrial workers, marketers, and medical personnel can take advantage of the streamlined and user-friendly visual aspects of modern software solutions to generate custom flow, form, and drag and drop charts with ease. In fact, many vendors will offer customized and flexible software for unique processes as well as for smaller enterprises.

Other Benefits of Workflow Automation Software

In addition to expediting and streamlining processes, workflow automation tools allow businesses to reduce the number of required manual processes. Accountability is also enforced when such tools are used, and, if you run a call centre-such as a polling station or a telemarketing firm then you will be able to boost employee productivity. For example, the system can automatically refresh calling lists and auto-dial numbers so that employees do not have to manually dial long distance numbers every time they wish to call someone.

Arguably one of the biggest advantages to using workflow automation software is the savings in costs over the months and years. Today’s workflow automation tools are designed to help companies cut costs so that they can maximize their profits as well as their return on investment.

One of the biggest ways that these tools help businesses reduce their costs is by drastically reducing the number of defects and errors made by humans. You can also cut back on the amount of time wasted in board meetings and on administration, as these tools will delegate or handle many manual tasks without the need for group discussions. What's more, these tools also help you keep tabs on your corporate processes and establish a very clear and concise approval hierarchy within the organization. You will also improve workflows significantly while reducing the number of required email threads.

Workflow automation software allows businesses to stabilize processes, improve the level of service that they provide to their clients, add very rapid scalability, increase customer satisfaction, ameliorate a business’s strategic plan, allocate resources faster, and help create a workforce that is not only more stable but also happier. Given how high the turnover rate is in many industries, keeping employee morale high is of the utmost importance.

Types of Process Automation Software

The primary purpose of process automation software is to take actions that used to be performed by people and perform them in a more consistent, automated, and expedited fashion. In some cases, these tools will be able to perform at a rate and at a level that is beyond the capabilities of humans. However, in order to properly utilize process automation tools your business must use the five main types of process automation resources.


  1. Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation involves a bot or an app that will interact with the user interface similar to the way a person would. They are able to perform a high volume of repetitive tasks simultaneously, and can also audit and validate data, forecast revenue, migrate information, perform quality assurance efficiently, manage debt technically, automate report formation, manage products, and integrate visual systems.

Moreover, intelligent process automation refers to amalgamating machine learning with robotic process automation. One of the biggest advantages of intelligent process automation is that it simply does not emulate human activities and processes. Instead, it goes above and beyond by improving them with time. In fact, some intelligent process automation software will incorporate natural language processing.

As for how this can work without human assistance, intelligent process automation will use workflows that are rule-guided, as well as machine-learning algorithms, in order to work effectively. Just some examples of the cognitive tools that your business can take advantage of include web-form dialogue, chatbots, and reactions that mimic the behaviours of human employees, such as sending a requested document.

  1. Document digitization

Document digitization is yet another type of workflow automation. Document digitization will use documents and forms in order to formulate usable datasets. To do so, they incorporate a plethora of truly cutting-edge cognitive abilities. In addition, desktop automation refers to simpler forms of automation, such as the types offered by Excel macros.

  1. Business process management software

Finally, business process management software facilitates proper coordination across the multiple tools used by your company. Everything from complex legacy systems to simple user interfaces will work together efficiently when a business process management software is installed and used as intended.

If you would like to learn more about workflow automation software solutions for your business, call DOS Canada at 1-647-547-9867 or contact us here.
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