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Find the Best Printer for the Features You Want

  • Nov 19, 2018
Find the Best Printer for the Features You Want
Today, many companies save their documents, photos, and videos on laptops or on the cloud. However, they will still need a top of the line printer to print high-quality documents, such as quarterly financial reports, that they can hand out to their employees. With thousands of different models and types to choose from, choosing the right printer for the features you want can be difficult. Here, we break down some of the features that you should look for in a printer before deciding which model is right for your enterprise.

Basic Printer

The purpose of a basic printer is to simply print things. As such, if you already have a fax machine, scanner, and copy machine, or just don’t need those features at your place of business, then a basic printer will suffice. Most can be purchased for under $100, which is ideal for smaller companies on a tight budget.

All-Inclusive Printers

Some businesses may need a more advanced printer for their day to day tasks. There are state of the art printers currently available for around $400 that can perform a myriad of different office tasks; such as printing, faxing, copying, and scanning. You can save money and space by buying an all-in-one printer machine. However, please note that all in one printers will likely not have all the bells and whistles of standalone scanners, copy machines, and fax machines.

Also, if you decide to purchase an all-in-one printer then try and find a model that includes duplexers that are built-in. By doing so, you will be able to print documents on both sides of the page automatically.

Inkjet Printers

If you regularly print out an amalgamation of photos, graphics, and text, then we would recommend that you choose an inkjet printer for your business. Inkjet printers are exceptional for printing photos and are capable of printing virtually anything you need. Furthermore, for black and white printouts, most models will be able to print between five to eighteen pages per minute.

However, inkjet printers do not work as quickly for colour prints, which will take significantly longer to print. For instance, a conventional inkjet printer will take between 2 and 4 minutes to print out a single eight by ten quality page in colour.

Cost is also something that you need to consider when deciding on what type of printer to get. For instance, while black and white inkjet prints will typically range between two to ten cents per page, colour prints with an inkjet will range from 50 cents to as much as two dollars per page. Moreover, if you require borderless prints then purchase a cutting-edge inkjet printer that includes the feature. Generally speaking, such printers will print borderless prints on four by six-inch paper, so try to find a printer with a second paper tray or a four by six feeder. Interestingly, printing a four by six snapshot can cost as little as twenty cents and can take less than a minute in some cases.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are recommended for companies that print large quantities of black and white only prints: This is because most laser printers are capable of printing very high quality black and white text, but are poor at printing high-quality photos. In fact, even the models that promote being able to print pictures in colour aren't meant to be used with photo stock that is glossy.

The photo quality also tends to be mediocre at best, and they aren’t designed to be used with specialty papers either. Another downside to laser printers is, unlike inkjet printers, most can’t accept paper that is unusually sized, such as greeting cards, or four by six paper. However, the one area where laser printers outperform inkjet printers is the speed at which they print black and white text. Most models can print anywhere from nine to twenty-five black and white pages per minute.

Regarding price, most laser printers will cost about as much as a mid-priced inkjet printer. Laser cartridges will also cost between fifty and one hundred dollars, and are capable of printing thousands of black and white prints for one to six cents per page.


Printers today have become so advanced that they can communicate with electronic devices in the office or across the globe. Some models will allow you to print your online documents directly and you can even send your online content to your home printer via a remote computer in your office if you want.

Wi-Fi has also become the gold standard in the printing industry. As such, you can share content easily without the need for messy cables. Some printers will also feature infrared wireless connectivity and Bluetooth capabilities. As such, you can print documents via your phone or laptop without having to connect to your office’s wi-fi network. Wireless printing via wi-fi has never been easier with today’s modern printers.

If you’re in the market for a new printer, take a look at the selection of printers offered by DOS Canada. For more information about which printer is best for you, call DOS Canada today at 1-647-557-1788, or contact us here.
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